BUPAC Speaker Murray Sabrin Ph.D

Speaker for February 10, 2022 –

Murray Sabrin arrived in America from West Germany with his parents and older brother on August 6, 1949. His parents were the only members of their respective families to survive the Holocaust.

In 1959 at age 12, Sabrin became a U.S. citizen and graduated from the Bronx High School of Science in 1964. He has a B.A. in history, geography and social studies education from Hunter College, an M.A. in social studies education from Lehman College and a Ph.D. in economic geography from Rutgers University.

Dr. Sabrin joined the faculty of Ramapo College of New Jersey in 1985 and retired on July 1, 2020, where he was Professor of Finance in the Anisfield School of Business. He taught Financial History of the US among other courses. In 2007 he and his wife, Florence, made a $250,000 gift to Ramapo College to establish the Sabrin Center for Free Enterprise in the Anisfield School of Business (www.ramapo.edu/sabrincenter). In January 2021, the Board of Trustees awarded Dr. Sabrin Emeritus status for his scholarly contributions during his 35-year career at Ramapo College.

Sabrin is the author of Tax Free 2000: The Rebirth of American Liberty, a blueprint on how to create a tax-free America in the 21st century, and Why the Federal Reserve Sucks: It Causes, Inflation, Recessions, Bubbles and Enriches the One Percent, which is available on Amazon. His two latest books were published in 2021, Universal Medical Care from Conception to End of Life: The Case for a Single-Payer System. The single payer system, in Sabrin’s proposal, is the individua or family, not the government. Sabrin’s other book, Navigating the Boom/Bust Cycle: An Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide, was published last October.

In 1997 Sabrin was the New Jersey Libertarian Party’s nominee for governor and made political history, when he raised sufficient funds to participate in the state’s matching funds program, which required him to participate in three debates with the two major party candidates. He also has sought the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate in the Garden State.
In June 2021, the Sabrins moved to Fort Myers and celebrated their 53rd anniversary last August.


BUPAC Speaker Murray Sabrin PhD