Bupac Speaker Howard Sapp

Speaker for Sept 8, 2022 – Candidate for FL House District 78,

Howard Sapp, A native of Ft. Myers, a retired Air Traffic Controller, an award winning gospel artist, husband, father, and a person that is committed to Ft. Myers and Florida as a whole. I strive to support our community members across the district in every sector of their work in Fort Myers. I take pride in helping make the most out of our city so that we can grow our personal and professional lives healthy and in peace, equity, and safety. I’m here to help my Fort Myers neighbors in our collective endeavor to make our district and city as a whole, the best it can be. That is because I believe that together we can achieve anything we want. If you want to know more about my campaign, please contact me at howardsapp@votehowardsapp.com or at 239-327-1154.