BUPAC Speaker Erin Broussardv

Members please welcome our speaker Erin Broussard -Chief Executive Officer, Hope Clubhouse

The mission of the Clubhouse is to support adults living with mental illness. The Clubhouse provides opportunities for paid employment and access to education, housing and wellness. It is committed to excellence and the evidence-based Clubhouse model. Their philosophy believes in the potential of all individuals to lead a satisfying and meaningful life and becoming employed.

BUPAC meets at the Edison Restaurant located at the Ft. Myers Country Club, 3591 McGregor Blvd, Ft. Myers

Coffee and breakfast snacks included in your $5 entry fee

Chef on site to prepare specialty breakfast selected from the new Edison Restaurant menu

Meeting room opens at 7:00 am

Meeting begins promptly at 7:30 am and ends promptly at 8:30 am

Charles Moore