Bupac Speaker Michele Hylton-Terry

Members please welcome our speaker Michele Hylton-Terry-Executive Director, Fort Myers Community Redevelopment Agency

Under Ms. Hylton-Terry’s leadership, the Fort Myers CRA has played a vital role in the development of landmark projects, both residential and commercial, that have reshaped the hub of Ft. Myers. CRA involved projects range from the luxury waterfront Luminary Hotel to affordable housing including the Royal Palm Garden Apartments to historical preservation like the McCollum Hall restoration.

BUPAC meets at the Edison Restaurant located in the Fort Myers Country Club, 3591 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers.

Coffee and breakfast snacks included in your $5 entry fee.

Chef on site to prepare specialty breakfast selected from the new Edison Restaurant menu.

Meeting room opens at 7:00 am

Meeting begins promptly at 7:30 am and ends promptly at 8:30 am

2023 dues are due. $60 checks only please

Charles Moore